Sunday, February 28, 2010

Volcom Seacow series

I did the last event of the Volcom Seacow series in New Smyrna this past weekend. The forecast was claiming completely flat, and air temp in the 40's. I talked to Daniel Terry the night before and he said he has to either run it this weekend or cancel it, so he told me it would be on for the morning. Surprisingly the inlet pulled through and delivered fun knee to waist high little peaks throughout the day. This comp reminded me of the old NSSA/ESA days when we were younger, Jeremy Johnston, Eric Geiselman, and I battling it out in less than meager conditions. I felt even more like a grom because I put my suit on in the morning and did not even unzip it until the final was over. I ended up finishing 4th, but won the overall series for points, insuring a good spot for the VQS world champs in Newport. Here is a little video from Volcom, that shows what the day was like, from super bad waves, no sun, a little grom torture, and some football in between heats to stay warm.

Final Standings of the Seacow VQS series