Sunday, March 14, 2010

New pic on SurfingMag

Check out this shot from Jimmy Wilson's Lightbox on It was taken on a trip down to Puerto Rico that jimmy invited me on last minute. The waves weren't that great during the trip and if I remember correctly this was one of only two sessions that Jimmy even brought his camera out for. Luckily for me he is an insane photographer and nailed this shot in between swimming around and bullshitting with everyone who was out surfing this day. I dont know how he works but it seems like Jimmy can just be joking around and not paying attention, but somehow gets work done. This picture was actually featured on the Cover of Eastern Surf Magazine shortly after the trip. I am also pretty sure it was the first surf magazine cover to use images from 2 different camera angles, "Crossfire". 2 from the water and 2 from land!!! I will post up a couple of other pics we got on the trip, hope you like them.