Monday, March 15, 2010

Super Sessions: New Smyrna Beach

During this last week I did something I never do, I went to Smyrna at the crack of dawn 3 days in a row. It's funny because what I hate so much about going over to New Smyrna is how long the drive is to go such a short distance. I can literally hit a golf ball from our side of the inlet to theirs, but its like a 40 minute drive to go surf their jetty... That being said 90% of the time I drag myself over there I have a blast and get super fun waves. This last week was no exception until Thursday when the waves were really fun. I woke up early looked at the waves out back and made the call to Geiselman who siked me up to come over for a surf. I charged over and made it down to the rocks (before the lifeguards stopped letting vehicles drive that close) and found super wedgey little ramps. I Surfed for a couple hours with just the Geiselman brothers and Hopper out. We were all having a pretty good time. After a few hours the paparazzi showed up (seriously there were 6 lenses shooting chest high NSB) with what seemed like every single competitor from the Sebastian inlet pro junior and the Surfing America Prime events. About this time the waves started to get super fat and shitty, and I was completely over it. I struggled for what felt like a lifetime to catch a wave in, and when I finally did manage to get a wave I tried to redeem myself with ending my session on a good punt, but what happened was my board flipped over and I plowed my knee straight through one of my favorite boards..full buckle..I felt like walking straight to the sand dunes and burying myself.. Anyway, "I'm never going back there"......ha
here are a couple shots the Patrick Ruddy took of everyone ripping this day....