Monday, April 19, 2010

Landshark Pro 2010

After a long week of driving down to New Smyrna inlet every morning before sunrise, the Landshark pro is finally complete. I felt pretty good throughout the event, thanks in most part to my new Firewire I picked up while on the Goldcoast. (It actually wasn't even shaped for me, it was one of Taj Burrow's boards from the Burleigh event earlier in the year...) I ended up going down in the semi final to Gorkin and eventual winner Evan Geiselmen. My loss was a little controversial, word on the beach was my first wave was pretty underscored, but I was kind of expecting that coming up against two of the major hometown heros of New Smyrna Beach. And anyone who has ever been to Smyrna knows how much the locals support there Heros.. That being said, I can't take anything away from how Evan was surfing, he was definitely the most in form surfer throughout the week, and when the final day dropped a couple feet, I knew he would be hard to beat. I am just stoked on how I felt at the event. It's never a bad deal when you can surf a major pro event so close to home, and make a few bucks in the process. Thanks again to everyone for supporting the event!!
Oh and big thanks to ESM for posting a sequence of the finishing move of my first wave in the semi final, if you feel it was little underscored let the boys at ESM know here......