Thursday, April 8, 2010

Recommendations for 20 hours on a plane!!!!

These useful tips will help eliminate the likely possibility of losing your mind while traveling to Australia.
1. Make sure you are sitting in either a window or Aisle before boarding the plane. Preferably a window with an open seat next to you. Much easier to fall asleep resting against the window, and its pretty annoying sitting in the aisle seat (if you are blocking someone in who need to get out every five minutes).
2. Make sure you have a set of good quality noise cancellation headphones. These are essential, I turn them on as I walk into the terminal and turn them off when I make it to the baggage claim of my final destination. I leave them on even when theres no sound playing... I prefer the Able Planet foldable headphones because they take up much less room than the others that don't fold while maintaining the quality.
3. If possible bring 2 ipods, I use my Itouch to watch movies and play games until the battery dies, and use the shuffle to jam out to.
4. Bring some sort of sleeping pill to ensure that you sleep at the correct time to help minimize jetlag.
5. Do not ever board a flight without snacks, or real food. Normally on international flights proper snakcs and food are provided, but I never rely on the airlines to keep you satisfied. One of the worst things is to be on a flight when you are really hungry and the guy next to you is eating an enormous cinnamon roll from Cinnabon and you are limited to two micro bags of peanuts and half a can of coke.