Friday, August 20, 2010

Radio Interview, sent to over 235,000 people via Eturbo news

On my flight home from California, I get a call from one of the PR workers from Able Planet. He asked me how long my layover time was, and if I had time to do a radio interview. I definitely had time to kill and already know the Denver airport like the back of my hand, so I figured what a better way to pass the time before my next flight then to get some work done. Within minutes I received a call from Sandy Dhuyvetter from Business Travel Radio. She seemed super nice over the phone and made the interview roll as smooth as possible. We ended up recording two segments, one five minute and one 8 minute, for two separate parts of her show. I thought it was pretty cool that I was a travel radio interview while I was literally sitting at my gate in the airport waiting to bored a flight home for the next Western Atlantic Pro Surf Series event. Even with all of the background airport noise, the interview turned out alright.