Monday, January 18, 2010

Product Review: Able Planet Headphones

Believe the hype! On My flight home from vegas I was able to test out the Able Planet headphone line for the first time. I first used the NC1000 noise canceling headphone. Hands down the best noise canceling headphone I have ever tried. Another bonus with these headphones is that even when the battery dies you are still able to use them as a regular noise isolating headphone. The next pair I tried was the sound isolation earbuds. I was shocked at the quality of these. I found that when music was playing all other outside noise was cancelled out, without having to blast the volume....... Since being home from vegas I have been able to sample a couple more headphones in their line. The headphone that I have been most impressed with and is now my favorite, is the foldable active noise canceling headphone. Three things that I really love about this headphone is that they fold up for easy storage, they are super comfortable and light weight, and they look really cool in flat black, all while maintaing the quality of the noise cancellation. Check out Able planet here online and maybe pick up a pair of their foldable active NC headphones, quality, and style at a real good price.